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Business Development

Achillion is built around a prolific and sustainable discovery engine for potent and specific small-molecule drug candidates. The company has a successful track record of strategic collaborations accelerating the development and maximizing the value of these candidates by leveraging the financial, clinical development, manufacturing and/or commercialization strengths of a leading biotechnology or pharmaceutical partner.

Achillion previously licensed its comprehensive portfolio of novel HCV antivirals to Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Johnson & Johnson, as well as out-licensed unique assets in other therapeutic areas including elvucitabine, which is being developed by GCA Therapeutics, Inc. in China and Taiwan for the treatment of the hepatitis B virus (HBV) and HIV infections, and ACH-702, an antibiotic, which is being developed by Ora, Inc. for the treatment of dermatologic and ophthalmic infections.

Achillion is currently advancing a portfolio of potent and specific small-molecule factor D inhibitors for the treatment of a variety of complement-mediated diseases. Its first internally-developed factor D inhibitor, ACH-4471, entered clinical development in February 2016 and is being evaluated in Phase 2 as a potential treatment for C3G and for PNH. In addition, Achillion has advanced two next-generation oral factor D inhibitors, ACH-5228 and ACH-5548, into Phase 1 clinical development and IND-enabling studies, respectively.

The discovery engine at Achillion has produced additional assets that represent potentially unique opportunities for future development. To learn more please contact:

Alex Monteith
Executive Director of Business Development
Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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