Achillion People

Business Development & Strategic Alliances

Achillion's Business Development group, in close collaboration with the Strategic Alliances team, works to identify, cultivate and ensure successful collaborations with external stakeholders such as development partners, key opinion leaders, and patient advocacy groups. 

Clinical Development, Clinical Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Pharmaceutical Technology

Achillion's Clinical and Regulatory groups are responsible for managing Achillion’s clinical trials, Global Regulatory function, including Compliance and Quality Assurance, as well as managing Formulation Development and Manufacturing. 

Drug Discovery – Chemistry Drug Discovery, Computational and Analytical Chemistry, and Preclinical Candidate Selection

Achillion's drug discovery team employs state-of-the-art technology to identify novel compounds across multiple therapeutic areas. These highly skilled, award winning researchers manage key programs from discovery through preclinical selection and support ongoing clinical development.

Drug Discovery - Microbiology and Virology

Achillion's antimicrobial and virologic research teams are comprised of highly skilled, award-winning researchers who manage key discovery programs supporting them from inception and through clinical development. 

Finance & Operations

Achillion's Finance & Operations team is responsible for internal operations management, including facilities management, human resources, information technology, purchasing as well as finance, accounting and external reporting. 

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