HCV NS3/4A Protease Inhibitor

Program Overview

Sovaprevir, previously referred to as ACH-1625, is an investigational, next-generation NS3/4A protease inhibitor discovered by Achillion that is currently on clinical hold. In 2012, Fast Track status was granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sovaprevir for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C viral infection (HCV). Achillion has initiated a Phase 2 clinical trial (007 Study) to evaluate the all-oral, interferon-free combination of sovaprevir and its second-generation NS5A inhibitor, ACH-3102, with ribavirin (RBV), for a 12 week treatment duration, in treatment naïve, genotype 1 (GT1) HCV patients. In July 2013, sovaprevir was placed on clinical hold after elevated liver enzymes were observed in a Phase 1 healthy subject drug-drug interaction study evaluating the effects of concomitant administration of sovaprevir with ritonavir-boosted atazanavir. In accordance with the clinical hold, the FDA provided that no new clinical trials that included dosing with sovaprevir could be initiated, however, the FDA allowed continued enrollment and treatment of patients in the -007 study. At the request of the FDA, Achillion is preparing a complete response package on the sovaprevir clinical hold and anticipates a response from the FDA by the end of the first half of 2014. Achillion retains worldwide commercial rights to sovaprevir.


Sovaprevir has demonstrated activity against all HCV genotypes (GT), including equipotent activity against both GT 1a and 1b (IC50 ~ 1nM) in vitro.


With its rapid and extensive partitioning to the liver, as well as high liver/plasma ratios, sovaprevir has been clinically demonstrated to allow for once-daily, non-boosted dosing.


The current safety database for sovaprevir includes more than 560 subjects dosed to date and demonstrates that sovaprevir is well tolerated in these subjects.


Sovaprevir has demonstrated high rates of clinical cures in combination with pegylated-interferon and RBV in a challenging, real world, patient population of genotype 1 treatment-naive patients.

100% of treatment-naive GT1b patients achieved SVR12 in the Phase 2 -007 Study, evaluating the interferon-free combination of sovaprevir and the second-generation NS5A inhibitor, ACH-3102, with ribavirin (RBV) for 12 weeks.


Sovaprevir in vitro retains activity against mutations that confer resistance to 1st-generation protease inhibitors.

In clinical studies to date, sovaprevir has demonstrated a high pharmacologic barrier to resistance with no on-treatment viral breakthrough reported to date in GT1b patients.


Sovaprevir is believed to be synergistic when combined with other classes of DAAs, including the second-generation NS5A inhibitor, ACH-3102.

For more information about the next-generation NS3/4A protease inhibitor, sovaprevir, please see the Related Links on this page or visit Resources.

Sovaprevir is an investigational compound. Its safety and efficacy have not been established. (Updated March 2014)

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